Product Samples for Healthcare

Product Samples for Healthcare Professionals

OTC Samples & Prescription Samples at Point of Care

Healthcare practices and providers want the very best out comes for their patients. Ensuring that medication samples are readily available for dispensing is an ideal way for physicians and other healthcare professionals to provide quality patient care. Advertising your pharmaceutical samples using Brandperx HCP network of providers guarantees that your prescription and OTC samples are targeted to the right healthcare professionals and their patients every time.

Precision-Targeted Pharmaceutical Samples Promotion

The most actively engaged patients are found at point of care. These patients have a high interest in taking an active role in improving their health. So, when a trusted healthcare professional recommends an OTC sample or Rx medication at this critical moment of care, patients are more likely to not only try medications, but purchase them later.

Brandperx offers value-driven point of care advertising for pharmaceutical companies. Our patented patient activation bags seamlessly integrate into the patient-provider dialogue and feature medication samples, brand collateral, patient education materials, coupons, and more.

Our Sampling Solutions

The diversity of the Brandperx HCP network of providers ensures that your medication samples are delivered to the right patients. With various programs crossing every major medical speciality, the following are some of our most popular solutions:

  • OTC samples for healthcare professionals
  • Samples for pediatric healthcare professionals
  • Samples for primary care physicians
  • OBGYN samples
  • Dermatology samples
  • Samples for optometrists

Effectively Promote Your Medication & Pharmaceutical Samples

Trusting Brandperx to handle point of care advertising for prescription and OTC samples will help boost sales and turn patients into loyal customers.

Learn why leading pharmaceutical companies trust us to deliver their product samples to the right healthcare providers and patients.
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