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Direct-to-Consumer Pharmaceutical Marketing at Point of Care

We are the leading pharmaceutical marketing company of top prescription and over-the-counter brands. Brandperx delivers effective direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising and promotion solutions that target the right patients and seamlessly integrate into the patient-provider dialogue.

Targeted Pharmaceutical Advertising Solutions

Pharmaceutical Samples, Brochures, Rx Vouchers & More

Pharmaceutical advertising can only deliver the greatest value when patients are actively willing to learn more about your product. This is why point of care marketing is an ideal strategy when it comes to delivering your brand’s message to the right consumers.

Stimulating patient interest in your product is increasingly important in this time of patient driven healthcare choices.  When a trusted healthcare provider presents pharmaceutical samples, OTC coupons, co-pay cards or RX vouchers to their patients with specific treatment goals, the patient is significantly more likely to request a prescription for that brand from their doctor or purchase the product at their local retailer.

Brandperx proudly offers the following value-driven pharmaceutical marketing and advertising solutions that can be placed in exam rooms, nurse’s stations, and reception desks:

  • Pharmaceutical samples
  • Patient activation bags featuring your brand’s collateral
  • Customized pharmaceutical product information kits
  • OTC coupons and Rx vouchers

The Trusted Pharmaceutical Marketing & Advertising Company

Brandperx direct to consumer pharmaceutical marketing solutions have proven to increase sales and improve customer loyalty. Our pharmaceutical advertisements at point of care will help you stand out among competitors and successfully create important brand discussions when they matter most.

Learn why leading brands trust us to deliver the best ROI in pharmaceutical marketing and advertising.
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