Patient Engagement and Education

Patient Engagement Solutions

Patient Engagement Tools That Drive Results

Brandperx patient engagement solutions deliver more than traditional point-of-care marketing. Our branded educational materials help you turn patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers into advocates of your product by activatingdiscussion when consumers are most receptive to health-related suggestions: in a trusted provider’s office.

Patient Engagement When It Matters Most

Effective Patient Engagement Solutions at the Point of Care

Most patients in doctors’ offices and other healthcare facilities are working to improve their health and well-being. At this point, patients are ready and willing to listen to expert advice and engage with product endorsements from their providers. When patients are presented with educational materials and samples during this critical moment of care, they are more likely to inquire about the products advertised.

Our Patient Education Materials

Patient Activation Bags & Patient Education Handouts

Brandperx offers superior patient education materials that drive consumers to engage with your product. From educational brochures and patient activation bags, to product samples and more, our unique and effective patient education tools deliver targeted results and engage consumers who are actively looking for treatment options.

  • PATIENT ACTIVATION BAGS: Brandperx patented patient activation bags integrate your brand’s messaging with patient education materials, OTC coupons or Rx vouchers, and product samples in an innovative, heat-sealed design. The bags feature your unique branded artwork and messaging and are displayed throughout prime patient engagement locations in healthcare provider offices — exam rooms, nurse’s stations, and the reception desk. Learn more.
  • THE LEARNABLE: The Brandperx Learnable is a unique sales support program that blends patient education materials and measurable impact. The customized Learnable Kit can contain up to 50 items such as educational brochures and white papers, flash drives, web-keys, co-pay cards, product samples, or other brand collateral you want to share with providers. Learn more.
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