Our best-in-class HCP Network is comprised of more than 280,000 of the top Healthcare Providers and Pharmacists across the country.

This exclusive HPC network reaches into every medical specialty area and retail pharmacy.

It also includes highly precise sub-networks of more than 15,000 Dental Providers, 16,000 Veterinarians and 24,000 pharmacists.

Brandperx is integrated into more than 400 million Consumer-Provider interactions every year. For marketers, that translates into a combination of unmatched Scale and Precision Targeting.

No other Point-of-Care Marketing Company even comes close.

Precision Targeting

Brandperx allows you to customize your POC marketing program by medical specialty, disease state, demographic, geography and proximity to retailer – empowering you to reach your exact target consumer with precision and efficiency.

With our growing nationwide network of providers, we can identify targeted providers within a mile radius of specific retail locations or even down to a specific zip code.

We can also reach out to any specialists not currently in our network in order to engage them specifically for your program.


Brandperx deploys a robust and experienced Provider Liaison Team to recruit and cultivate meaningful relationships with HCPs and their staff. We do this the “old fashioned way” — maintaining a consistent presence in Providers’ offices – as well as leveraging technology to create powerful POC awareness for the brands in our client portfolio.

Provider Liaisons take time to qualify every office. A careful vetting process is followed by a qualifying pre-survey to assure that they are capable and committed. Once qualified, we educate Providers and Staff on products and messages before getting them to opt in for client programs. As programs launch we confirm receipt of materials and collect initial feedback as part of our comprehensive Research and ROI Tracking capabilities.

Think about Brandperx Provider Liaisons as an additional Sales Team for your product or brand — experienced healthcare marketing professionals who deliver unmatched compliance and support for your programs — from beginning to end.


Brandperx™ has developed a comprehensive process for tracking compliance, securing feedback and giving clients the data they need to maximize the ROI of every POC marketing program. Our multi-touch approach generates detailed program reports that include feedback from both providers and patients:

As programs launch Brandperx Provider Liaisons personally confirm receipt of materials at every participating office to ensure nearly 100% compliance.

Provider Liaisons also survey to collect initial feedback -- the basis of an informative, data-rich Launch Report.

Provider Liaisons stay in touch and survey each participating office throughout the program at 60-, 90- and 120-day intervals to ensure ongoing compliance, maintain inventories and capture additional patient and provider feedback.

Following every program, Brandperx generates a detailed Program Report including survey results, feedback and inventory information.

Our Compliance & Tracking process assures that Brandperx programs effectively drive awareness, consideration and purchaser — and that Brandperx clients receive the vital program feedback they desire and the ROI their business needs.

Turnkey Execution

Brandperx personally manages every aspect of your program — from start to finish — including production and printing, assembly, shipping and confirmation of delivery. We sweat every detail to ensure a flawless, program execution of your program, On time and on budget!

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