Drug Store News – Brandperx Augments Point-of-Care Marketing Solution with Launch of Patientperx

24 Aug Drug Store News – Brandperx Augments Point-of-Care Marketing Solution with Launch of Patientperx

NEW ALBANY, Ohio — Brandperx in November will be launching its Patientperx platform, a diseases-state specific health resource that’s being published in partnership with Reader’s Digest. “We’re going to have a diabetic edition coming out in November that will be handed to 250,000 diabetic patients by their trusted endocrinologist,” noted Jeff Garshon, VP sales Brandperx. “It’s going to have about 40 pages of information about how to take care of your condition if you’re a diabetic.”

Patientperx was founded with the aim to empower people with healthy lifestyle choices across a multitude of disease states, make those choices more affordable and provide perks on the road to good health, the company stated.

With a healthcare practitioner reach of 217,000 professionals, Brandperx is already successfully connecting brands to patients at the point of care.”We lead patients to the path to purchase,” Shauna Garshon, president Brandperx, told DSN. “Through our platforms you can connect with the patient inside the doctor’s office setting … in the exam room,” she said.

Brandperx features a sampling platform called Scriptbags, what the company references as “a patient activation starter kit,” where doctors opt-in to provide material like product samples, coupons and educational pamphlets to patients regarding specific products. “Scriptbags was developed as a simple, easy-to-dispense way to discharge a patient with information, a product sample or a co-pay card for a particular product,” commented Jeff Garshon.

“It’s a much more powerful message that’s being handed directly to the patient,” Shauna Garshon said. And the conversion rate is relatively high, she added, as many of those patients are headed to their pharmacy to fill their prescriptions.

As part of the Scriptbag program, Brandperx’ exclusive doctor network is polled on the current recommendations they are making in any particular area, informed about the attributes of a new or existing product and then provided an opt-in form to receive that particular Scriptbag.

Doctors employ the Scriptbags program in their practice as a value add for their patients. “Our average physician lift [in product recommendations] for any of our programs is 52%,” Jeff Garshon added. “In terms of consumer lift it varies based on a number of factors,” he said. “Some companies have reported between 3% and 5% coupon redemption to us; we’ve had others that were higher than that.”

Brandperx also has a program that can help manufacturers detail doctors called Rep in a Box. “Rep in a Box was developed out of a separate need [than Scriptbags],” Jeff Garshon said. “Some companies were most interested in delivering samples of their products to doctor’s offices, typically prescription products that needed to remain in the sample closet.” Based on the input from a focus group of 10,000 doctors, Brandperx developed a patent-pending system for the distribution of samples and their corresponding materials.

However, typically one of the doctor’s challenges in receiving prescription samples is where to put them and the corresponding materials. “Typically, it’s not just a sample but a whole lot of collateral material to support that sample,” Jeff Garshon said. “[Doctors] just didn’t have a great way to store, organize and dispense those items,” he said. “So Rep in a Box was created as a solution … for physicians to have immediate access to all of those materials where everything can be stored together in what we call a ‘home base’ system.”

And it’s a turnkey service. “We provide a service whereby we [detail doctors] for a company that maybe doesn’t have detailers in certain markets of the country or doesn’t have their own sales force,” he said. “We’ll work with the doctors who we’ve recruited into our network. We’ll detail them on the product. We’ll send the Rep in a Box to their office. We’ll manage the inventory in it. And we’ll oversee the entire process just as an external detailing force would.”

In addition to the 217,000 doctors and nurse practitioners within Brandperx’ reach, the company has developed a network of 30,000 veterinarians and dentists. “We continue to recruit additional healthcare professionals daily,” Jeff Garshon said.

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