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03 Nov Urgent Care: A Clinic in Proximity Marketing

Urgent care centers are filling a growing void in the U.S. healthcare market. And their prime real estate location is a boon for marketers in many categories. Because of how and where they operate, these facilities afford marketers a rare — and extensive — opportunity to connect with...

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16 Mar Tactile Marketing: The New Killer App in Healthcare?

In the digital-centric 21st century world that we now live, communication seems to have distanced itself from actual “talk” and ventured into non-vocal forms such as emails, texts and digital messaging. That’s why when you walk into most doctors’ offices today; you’re inundated with point-of-care companies getting...

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29 Aug Point-of-Care Initiative Enhances Brands

Earlier this year, Brandperx announced the launch of its latest Bump Bag, a product sample bag targeting soon-to-be moms and hand-delivered to them by their trusted OB/GYN providers. With 4 million women becoming moms, that patient-provider relationship is a rich marketing opportunity. But just how rich...

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11 Jul Brandperx featured in OTC Bulletin

Point-of-care (POC) marketing introduces OTC brands to consumers when they are most likely to be thinking about their health, starting them along the path to purchase, ac- cording to Shauna Garshon, president of US POC marketing firm Brandperx. Speaking to OTC bulletin, Garshon pointed out that...

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