About Brandperx

You know how important it is to engage patients when and where health and wellness decisions are top of mind.

Point-of-Care marketing is a proven way to create positive brand experiences, improve customer loyalty and increase sales. In fact, our average point-of-care marketing campaign generates a 5X ROI.

The problem is that most point-of-care options — screens, posters and brochures in waiting rooms — are passive.  They happen before the doctor-patient interaction.

The question is; How can your brand engage consumers at the point-of-care and stand out among the increasing advertising clutter?

Brandperx is the only point-of-care marketing solution to offer demonstrated success creating brand discussions with consumers. We work with some of the world’s top pharmaceutical and OTC brands.


Brandperx successfully engages patients at a time that is critical to the purchase decision, by harnessing the power of:

  • Trusted HCP recommendations,
  • Focused product messaging, sampling and couponing
  • Precision targeting
  • First-class provider physician liaisons team
  • And our exclusively contracted HCP network.


Brandperx delivers more than traditional point-of-care marketing. Our programs are designed by healthcare marketing experts who help you turn providers and their patients into advocates and purchasers of your brand.


Brandperx brings consumers down the path to purchase!



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