Brandperx Platform Beats All Other Sampling Alternatives

The Objective

A top-selling women’s OTC brand was looking to determine the most effective means, from a variety of different channels in order to reach a maximum number of potential customers and test a variety of alternative marketing vehicles.

The Solution

Brandperx, one of five platforms tested, created a customized Patientperx program aimed at over 1,500 OB/GYNs nationwide. We enlisted each OB/GYN in the program, educated them as to the brand’s benefits for their patients, and incented them to distribute product samples and educational materials to nearly 150K female patients.

Product samples, educational materials, and coupons were heat-sealed into each Patientperx Patient Activation Bag, with compelling messaging included on the bag’s exterior. OB/GYNs personally handed these bags out to every patient, yielding a powerful influence on the purchasing decision of each.

The Results

“The OB/GYN program was definitely the best performing program… good sample controls, high trial, a 16 point purchase build, and the highest purchase intent…it has the best ROI of all the programs tested.”

Cindy Johnson, President of Sampling Effectiveness Advisors (SEA)

Key Findings

  • 50% Higher sales conversions than all programs combined
  • 150,000 Female patients received product samples, handed to them by their OB/GYN
  • 88% Tried the sample product after receiving a Patientperx Patient Activation Bag
  • 68% of non-purchasers say they are likely to purchase the product in the future