Brandperx increased recommendations of Synera by 95%

Galen® partnered with Brandperx to strategically target Pediatric Endocrinologists and raise awareness of SYNERA®.

Strategic Goals

Galen® wanted to promote the benefits of SYNERA®, their non-messy, fast acting, pain relief patch – especially for children who received frequent needle sticks. They also wanted to boost pediatrician recommendations of SYNERA® through education and sample vouchers.


Brandperx Physician Liaisons were trained by Galen on the product and how to address any Adverse Effect reports or questions regarding its use. To combat the low level of awareness, Brandperx educated HCPs on the benefits of SYNERA® and offered each office a sample case of 10 SYNERA® patches.

HCPs handed each family a Patientperx Patient Starter Kit containing an educational booklet, a PI sheet and a voucher for two free SYNERA® patches. This solution provided valuable HCP recommendations at the point of care, while giving young patients and their parents the opportunity to learn more about SYNERA® and receive two free samples of the SYNERA® patch.


Galen® strategically targeted 350 Pediatric Endocrinologist offices who were qualified based on the patient’s age and frequency of needle-stick procedures.

Key Findings

  • Prior to the Brandperx program, 100% of pediatricians surveyed recommended EMLA® for needle stick pain prevention and 79% had never heard of SYNERA®.
  • Following the program, 95% of HCPs said they would recommend SYNERA® more often.
  • 79% of HCPs surveyed reported that 10 or more of their patients redeemed the voucher for 2 free SYNERA® patches.
  • 89% of HCPs have used the free SYNERA® patch samples for in-office use for all or some of their needle stick procedures.