Brandperx program makes MiraLAX® the #1 HCP recommended OTC osmatic laxative brand

Strategic Goals

Often times, opioid pain medications can cause constipation. MiraLAX® wanted to strategically position themselves in front of hospital staff and surgeons with the hopes of becoming the top recommended laxative brand to treat this issue.


As part of the Brandperx program, Surgical and Hospital physicians handed their patients a Patientperx Patient Discharge Kit containing educational materials and a heat-sealed MiraLAX® sample. This solution provides a physician recommendation at the point of care, while giving patients the opportunity to learn more about MiraLAX® and try it for free.


Brandperx helped Bayer specifically target 451 Surgical and Hospital locations in Cleveland, Dallas, Indianapolis and Saint Louis, delivering MiraLAX® messaging to 250,000 patients who may be experiencing opioid-induced constipation.

Key Findings

  • MiraLAX® became the #1 recommended laxative brand among surveyed physicians.
  • Frequency of recommendations rose 32%.
  • 96% of HCPs targeted for the campaign now recommend MiraLAX® for patients who require an OTC constipation treatment.
  • Due to the Brandperx program, OTC category recommendations for Osmatic Laxatives increased 36%.