Brandperx helps Coppertone® Water Babies® achieve a 90% increase in physician recommendations

Strategic Goals

The goal of this program was to increase delivery efficiency and credibility of product samples. Bayer chose Patientperx patient activation bags’ convenient and reliable platform for delivering samples to a highly targeted population – increasing physician awareness and recommendations.


A 1 oz. sample of Water BABIES® sunscreen was heat-sealed into each Patientperx patient activation bag along with an A+D®/Coppertone® brochure. These bags, hand-delivered by physicians, allowed Bayer to reach their targeted patients at a critical moment – as they head from their doctor’s office to their local retailer.


Brandperx created a customized campaign for Bayer, targeting Pediatricians with a high Hispanic patient population, reaching over 4k pediatricians and 345k consumers nationwide.

Key Findings

  • Physician recommendations of Coppertone® brands reached 94% due to the Patientperx patient activation bags sampling program.
  • As a result of this program, 90% of physicians say they would recommend Water BABIES® more often than they did before.
  • 91% of Pediatricians reported that they distributed more samples because they were heat-sealed into the patient activation bags.
  • After receiving A+D® educational materials through this program, 92% of Pediatricians showed interest in receiving patient activation bags with samples of A+D® diaper cream.