At Brandperx our unique Point-of-Care marketing solutions deliver active Engagement, best-in-class Scale and flexible Targetability – all in an Exclusive, trusted environment. Each Brandperx program is custom-crafted by a team of healthcare marketing experts to inspire Providers and Patients to be advocates for our clients’ brands.


Brandperx gets to the point of Point of Care Marketing unlike any other solution.

Your samples, coupons and patient information are not passive waiting room wallpaper. Brandperx programs are seamlessly integrated into the patient-provider dialogue. The resulting endorsement is a powerful way for both Rx and OTC brands to create awareness and stimulate trial.

The consumer research is clear – an endorsement from a trusted provider is the single most powerful driver of trial and purchase.



Brandperx’s proprietary network includes more than 250,000 healthcare providers across all major metropolitan areas in the U.S.

Our exclusive network covers 46 medical specialties, as well as specialized networks of over 15,000 dental practitioners and 16,000 veterinarians. No other POC company can match the reach of our network. Brandperx can help you engage with more than 400 million consumers every year.



Our patented Patient Activation Bags integrate brand messaging with patient education, coupons and product samples in an innovative, heat-sealed design.

Patient Activation Bags, feature branded artwork and messaging and are displayed throughout provider offices — in exam rooms, nurse’s stations and the reception desk. This provides a constant visual presence. The bags and the brands they support are then hand-delivered to and talked about with patients by trusted providers resulting in a powerful implied endorsement and active brand discussion.


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Participating in Our Exclusive HCP Network

Why Brandperx Works


Brand Awareness

Improved on Average through Campaigns


Higher Conversions

Than Other Marketing Platforms Generated


Increase for OTC

Driven by HCP Recommendations

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